Photography and money!?

>> Saturday, 18 November 2006

Well, you have to live from something, don't you? So, do tak a look at our stock photo portfolio (look right). But that was not at all what this post was going to be about. Instead, I wanted to mention some excellent prices that photographs had fetched at auction recently.

Example 1: Ansel Adams, "Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico". Taken in 1941 and printed in 1948, signed on the mount. Sold for $609,600 at auction recently. World record for Ansel Adams.

Example 2: Robert Mapplethorpe with a picture of Andy Warhol. Taken 1987 in black and white and framed in a cross shaped frame. Fairly straight forward portrait of AW. Sold for $643,200 at auction recently. World record for Mapplethorpe.

Example 3: Not a world record, I think, but still not bad: "Black and White Vogue Cover" from 1959 by Irving Penn, printed posthumously in 1968, sold for $262,400.

So, don't despair.


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