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>> Sunday, 27 March 2011

How to license a digital image or to buy a print.

There are two ways to purchase images from BKWine Photography, and one way to use images for free in personal blogs. Each has its own specific use:

  • Licensing for professional use
  • Buy prints for personal use or wall decoration
  • Online use through flash embeds (this is explained at the end of this text)


You can license a photo for professional use, for example for publishing in magazines or books, or for promotional use.

All images are can be licensed. All images are licensed as “Rights Managed” (RM) photos. (We do not work with so-called Royalty Free (RF) images.)

RM means that you specify the use for the image and pricing is set according to those specification. The image can be used only for what has been specified. Any (ANY!) other use is subject to separate licensing/agreement.

For information, on “Releases”: none of our images have “model release” or “property release”.

Buy print

You can buy prints of any of our images. The prints are produced by a professional photography printing service based in the UK. Shipping is not included in the prices quoted on

When you buy a print you can use it solely as a print. This means, for example, that it is not permitted to reprint the image or to use it in any publication. Essentially, you buy the print solely for decoration (or whatever you choose to do with the physical print of the image).

How to buy or license - step by step:

(This looks complicated when described in a text as below. In reality it is a very simple step-by-step process. It is worth underlining again that it is not necessary to have a PayPal account - payment with credit/debit card is just as easy.)

In short, this is how it works:
1) login to your account;
2) select the image(s);
3) specify licensing/print details;
4) put the images in the cart and verify the cart
5) pay with card or with PayPal
6) you will receive an email with download link(s) for the images.

In a bit more detail:
  • Click on Client Login and login with your account

    (If this is the first time you visit the site then you will need to create an account. Click on “sign up for a free account”. This will create a “buyer’s account” on Photoshelter. Photoshelter is the online photo library platform BKWine Photography uses.)
  • Go to the “image details page” of the image you want to license/buy.

    The “image detail page” is the one with the big size photo on the screen.
  • Click on “License or buy print”, above the image

  • Fill in the details:

    Click the “Downloads” tab if you want to license an image for professional use (publishing etc) – you will need to specify the usage details for the image.

    Click “Prints” if you want to buy a print – you will need to specify the size (etc) of the print you want.

  • Click on “Add to cart” and continue searching images or on “Add and checkout” if you are done selecting images.
  • Go to the “Cart” (checkout)

    Verify that you have the images you want in the cart and that the licensing (or print) details are correct!
  • Click on “checkout

    You will be asked for your address details (it’s called “shipping information” but it’s “shipping” only if you buy a print. If you are licensing an image with electronic download then there are of course no shipping involved.)
  • Review your order (once again), select that you agree to terms & conditions and continue to PayPal for payment.

    Important: You DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. You can pay either directly with credit card OR with a PayPal account.

    If you have a coupon code you fill it in here.
  • Complete payment details and do the payment EITHER with credit/debit card OR with PayPal.

    Once payment is completed, click on the button “Return to Abako Wine Vision Sarl”.

    Abako Wine Vision Sarl is the name of our French photo management and licensing company who, from a contractual point of view, supplies the image.
  • You return to the invoice page on BKWine Photography.

    Here you can print the receipt, for your records.

    You will also receive email confirmations with the invoice details from both PayPal and BKWine Photography / Abako
  • You will soon receive an email with download links for the images you licensed (if your purchase was licensing)
  • Go to the My Downloads page, following the link in the email and download the image.

    The download link is only valid 10 days!

    The download link delivers a zip file with the image, an xmp file with image details and a RIGHTS.txt file with the licensing details.

Using photo flash embeds on blogs

There is a third possibility to use our images: using them online through our flash embeds (widgets).

With this method you can embed on a web page a slide show with a selection of our images. This type of use is free, and is mainly intended for use on personal blogs and wine blogs.

The only requirement for this kind of use is that you keep the back-link to the BKWine Photography site that appears under the flash embed.

Here is an example:
Roussillon Collioure Vineyards - stock photo samples - Images by Per Karlsson

This is how you do it:
  • Find the slide show that you want to embed. They are all available on the Wine Pictures Blog:
  • Click on the “share” button on the flash slide show
  • Select the “embed code”
  • Paste the embed code on the page where you want the slide show to appear.
Remember: you MUST keep the back-link and credit text under the flash slide show.

If you have any questions on any of the above, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Flash slide show:

Roussillon Collioure Vineyards - stock photo samples - Images by Per Karlsson


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