Perpignan is an interesting city in the south of France

>> Wednesday, 2 March 2011

(Well, what better heading should I have chosen???)

Street in the old town. Perpignan, Roussillon, France.


Perpignan, Roussillon, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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Perpignan is the main city in the region of Roussillon in the south of France. It has around 300,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area. This is most likely where you arrive if you travel from far away and come to explore the wines of this beautiful region. However, you may want to choose a smaller place as base camp if you plan to travel around visiting vineyards.

There is a charming old city with many winding streets and alleys, restaurants and cafés, shops etc. The centre was once encircled by ramparts, only some ruins are left. There is a massive palace called "Palace of the Kings of Majorca" on one of the hills in the city.

The city is not on the coast but travelling less than half an hour east you will reach the beach. along the coast there are several small "fishing" villages, today more dedicated to tourism: Collioure, Banyuls, Port Vendres.

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Roussillon Perpignan stock photo samples - Images by Per Karlsson

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The Sediment Blog Wednesday, March 02, 2011 11:49:00 am  

"(Well, what better heading should I have chosen???)"

Frankly, anything other than that!

Per and Britt, BKWine Wednesday, March 02, 2011 1:38:00 pm  

But it is!

The photo just doesn't show that part of it!

Honestly, it's a very nice city with a charming, old city centre. Plenty of cafes and restaurants.

But I liked all those cables and balconies in what is a rather poor part of the city.



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