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>> Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wine aging in oak barrels. Stainless steel fermentation tanks. Modernista style vaulted winery. Oak barrel aging and fermentation cellar. Fermentation tanks. Raimat Costers del Segre Catalonia Spain

Catalonia Raimat - Images by Per Karlsson

NB: You can 'grab' this slide show and embed it on your site. Click the lower-right up-arrow.

More in the Raimat gallery here.

(So what's this "testing" about, you might ask? I am trialling a service called Photoshelter, to store images online and make them available for licensing and purchase: BKWine Photography / Per Karlsson on Photoshelter: http://pa.photoshelter.com/c/bkwinephotography. And of course just plain viewing. This will allow me to creat galleries and slide shows that I can embed, as, for exampled, shown above. One difficulty to get around is that slide shows don't work well in emails (or blog update notifications). One neat feature is that these slide shows can also be 'grabbed' by anyone who wants to illustrate e.g. a blog post on the subject. Benefit to them: illustration. Benefit to me: marketing.)

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