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>> Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Goblet pruned vines in the vineyard. Bunches of ripe grapes. Gamay. Domaine Tractot & Dubost, Beaujolais, France


Domaine du Tracot and Domaine Dubost, Beaujolais, Burgundy, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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Domaine du Tracot and Domaine Dubost are the property of the Dubost family in the Beaujolais. It is managed by Jean-Paul Dubost, winemaker.

It is a fairly substantial property with vineyards in several of the crus in Beaujolais: Moulin à Vent, Brouilly, Morgon, Regnié, Fleurie. The vineyards are planted with Beaujolais, the red grape variety of the Beaujolais. They also have small plots of vineyards planted with white chardonnay and viognier grapes.

The winemaking and the winery is a mix of modern and traditional. They harvest the grapes by hand, as is the rule in Beaujolais. The grapes arrive at the winery and are sorted on a sorting table to eliminate bad fruit. The winery has on one side shining stainless steel fermentation tanks, and on the other traditional concrete vats.

Being a relatively large producer in Beaujolais they export their wines to several different countries and have received positive mentions from several international wine critics.

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Bourgogne Beaujolais Domaine Tracot Dubost stock photo samples - Images by Per Karlsson

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