Double dip: two trophies and a big win - grollot & chenin blanc (Chateau Passavant, Loire)

>> Thursday, 21 October 2010

Harvest workers picking grapes, chenin blanc. Chateau de Passavant, Anjou, Loire, France


And a bonus picture today, for no special reason:

Have you ever heard of this:

Bunches of ripe grapes. Vine leaf. Grollot, grolleau variety. Chateau de Passavant, Anjou, Loire, France

('Le gros lot' is the top prize in the lottery in French)


Chateau de Passavant, Anjou, Loire stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

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Chateau de Passavant is located in the small village Passavant sur Layon, in the wine region of Anjou in Loire wine country. It is owned and managed by the brothers Francois David, the winemaker, and Olivier Lecomte, who is in charge of viticulture, vineyards and sales, together with Claire Lecomte. The chateau itself is an impressive medieval fortress owned by the David-Lecomte family since 1900. The vineyard are managed in organic viticulture, planted with a variety of grapes: chenin blanc, sauvignon, cabernet franc, and even grollot. the make a wide variety of wines: red wine, white wine (both sweet and dry), and sparkling. Harvesting the grapes are done, at least partially, by hand.

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Loire Chateau Passavant stock photo samples - Images by Per Karlsson

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