The beginning of something great (Chateau Pey la Tour, Bordeaux)

>> Monday, 6 June 2011

guyot double training with bud vineyard chateau pey la tour bordeaux france


Vineyard, budding vines, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

THIS IS ONLY A SELECTION OF SAMPLES. Use the image SEARCH function to find more relevant photos.

When the winter pruning is done the vines look like not much more than some sticks stuck down in the ground. But when spring comes things start to happen.

Small buds appear on the vines that soon develop tiny, tiny leaves. The small leaves are often quite beautiful, sometimes in wonderful soft colours. First they are in a closed, tight knot that slowly opens up. When you look out over the vineyards in the distance the vines are of course still brown and grey but you start seeing a small shimmering of green, in the right light.

The small buds and leaves rapidly develop into “proper” leaves and branches. It is the beginning of a period of very fast growth in the vineyards.

All images © copyright Per Karlsson, BKWine. Images may not be used without our permission.

Vineyard: Budding Wines - Images by Per Karlsson


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