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>> Saturday, 7 November 2009

But who cares when it's a reflection in a luscious Moscatel de Setubal?

Wine tasting. Wine glasses. Moscatel de Setubal JM Jose Maria da Fonseca, Azeitao, Setubal, Portugal.


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Jose Maria da Fonseca winery, stock photography samples, by Per Karlsson, BKWine.

The Jose Maria da Fonseca winery is located in the Vinho Regional Terras de Sado wine region a short drive south of Lisbon, in the small town Azeitao. Alternatively, one can say that it is on the Setubal peninsula. Setubal is mainly known for its luscious sweet white wines from the moscatel grape variety, the Moscatel de Setubal (pronounced without the ‘e’ as ‘stubal’). They are often aged for a very long time in wooden barrels, 20 years is not unusual, but they also exist in vintage versions. JM da Fonseca also makes ‘table’ wines, and is perhaps best known for its red Periquita brand. Periquita is both the name of the wine and the name of the grape variety from which it is made (the variety also goes under the name of castelão frances). Today it also exists in white (but of course made from a different grape variety). They are one of the biggest producers of wine in Portugal (480 hectares of vineyards according to one source) and have impressive cellars in Azeitao. The aging cellars are immense filled with old oak vats and barrels for aging both the table wines and the sweet muscat wines. Much of it is decorated with the charming traditional Portuguese painted tiles, the azulejos.

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Portugal Terras do Sado JM da Fonseca stock photo samples - Images by Per Karlsson

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